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WORCESTER SAPS: Avian Park Man receives a Hefty Sentence for the Murder of his Son

SAPS | Western Cape | NARI
21 Aug 2018, Worcester, Western Cape:

Media Statement from Western Cape Media Centre
Corporate Communication and Liaison

South African Police Service

Western Cape: The recent life sentences handed down to 38-year-old Charles Witbooi from Avian Park in Worcester are indicative of the high priority placed by SAPS on investigations into priority crimes, such as crimes perpetrated against women and children.

On 29 May 2017, in the early hours of the morning, gang members from JCY and Uitbytters were fighting in Avian Park in Worcester over

territorial issues.

On the same day at about 18:00, the police received information from the hospital that a boy child had passed on, allegedly as a result of the gang fight that took place in the morning.

An investigation that was conducted by Detective Constable Johan Saayman revealed that part of the information from the father (38-year-old Charles Witbooi) of the deceased was raising many suspicions. The deceased’s father alleged that the Young Red Criminals (YRC) gang group had pelted him with stones and fatally wounded the child as he was carrying him.

However, suspicions mounted that the father had some questions to answer to regarding facts arising during the investigation. Also, the times and place of the incident which he provided were questionable.

Later that night, the father was brought in for questioning and was subsequently arrested, based on allegations of murder.

During the investigation, Detective Constable Johan Saayman discovered that the child had sustained severe injuries to his body. Furthermore, the child had also sustained serious injuries around his anal area and his internal organs had been damaged.

On Friday 17 August 2018, the accused, Charles Witbooi, was found guilty on several charges, and sentenced as follows:

  • Count 1:  Sentenced to 1 year’s imprisonment for assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm (GBH);
  • Count 2:  Sentenced to 2 years’ imprisonment for kidnapping;
  • Count 3:  Sentenced to 3 months’ imprisonment for malicious injury to property;
  • Count 5:  Sentenced to life imprisonment for rape; and
  • Count 6:  Sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

Detective Constable Johan Saayman was congratulated by Advocate Megan Blows of the Western Cape High Court for his sterling work during the investigation of this case.

The outcome of the case was well received by the Western Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Jula, who said that no person who commits such a crime to a child should be allowed back into society. He congratulated the investigating officer for doing everything possible to get to the truth in the case and ensuring a conviction.


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