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Beware of this Prison Job Scam - People Scammed out of their Hard Earned Cash

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30 Jan 2019, South Africa:

Media Statement from KwaZulu Natal Media Centre
Corporate Communication and Liaison

South African Police Service

Police have issued a warning to the community not to fall prey to any scams involving promises of employment. If you are approached with a job offer verify with the department concerned that such person is indeed employed with that department and that they have a mandate to secure employment.

All Government departments have a recruitment policy and procedures in place. Verify with the

department concerned what their policy and procedures are. A reputable business as well as government departments do not require payment upfront from those applying for jobs. If such a requirement is made you should see it as a warning sign that the job offer is a hoax. Jobs cannot be bought. To do so would amount to corruption and both parties, the one offering the job and the one paying can be charged.

Estcourt police are investigating several cases of theft where people have been ‘scammed’ out of their hard earned cash. Members of the community are being told that there are posts available at the Department of Correctional Services. They are being made to pay a fee to suspects who are pretending to be representatives of the Department. They are given dates when they should present themselves at the Correctional Services for interviews only to find out they have been scammed out of their cash.


Enquiries: Captain Nqobile Gwala - 079 525 8062