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Elderly Couple Tortured Boiling Water During Farm Attack, Tarlton Krugersdorp

News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents | Gauteng | Waterberg Veiligheid / Sekuriteit
15 Jul 2018, Tarlton, Krugersdorp, Gauteng:

A farm attack took place last night, 14 July 2018, around 03:00 in the Tarlton area near Krugersdorp.

A couple in their seventies were severely beaten and tortured during a violent attack. Fortunately, the man who is bedridden did not suffer any broken bones but was tortured by having boiling water poured over him during the savage attack and the woman was lucky to escape being burnt with the iron that had been put on, after

something disturbed the attackers and they fled.

They both were tied up with ropes after the attack and the woman was only able to free herself after three hours. She then climbed through the window to get some help from neighbors.

Names to be withheld until police release more information. The attackers left with firearms and money. No arrests has been made.

Source: Waterberg Veiligheid/Sekuriteit | South Africa Today