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Jhb Air Wing’s Members Displayed Exceptional Acts Of Bravery During Cash-in-transit...

South African Police Service | Gauteng | NARI
13 Jul 2018, Gauteng:

Johannesburg Air Wing’s members displayed exceptional acts of bravery during cash-in-transit robbery in Boksburg #ServiceExcellence

At approximately 11:00 on Thursday, 17 May 2018 an Operational Response Services member of Tracker, broadcast an urgent radio message reporting a cash-in-transit robbery in the Boksburg area.

This early report enabled Colonel Botha, the pilot and Unit Commander, and Sergeant Pailman, the Air Law Enforcement Officer (ALEO) from the South African Police Service (SAPS)’s Johannesburg Air Wing, to

become airborne from the Rand Airport while the robbery was still taking place.

The patriotic members who are bestowed with the powers to ensure the safety of the citizens and inhabitants of the republic managed to fly overhead the scene immediately after the suspects’ vehicle had left. After the Tracker member at the scene provided the lookout for three of the suspects’ vehicle - a white Land Rover Discovery - the police, including the Ekurhuleni Metro Police, swiftly responded and were in pursuit of the fleeing suspects.

When the suspects realised that the police were hot on their tracks, they started firing shots at the police and some shots were even directed at the police helicopter on the N3 Road near the M2 off-ramp. Despite the shots, the lion-hearted police members continued to give chase until the suspects’ vehicle drove into George Goch Men’s Hostel’s yard, where the suspects abandoned the vehicle and fled in different directions to hide.

One suspect with a rifle, was arrested in the squatter camp with the help of the K9 Unit, and the firearm was seized. The police also seized the bags of money that the suspects had left behind when they fled. Fortunately no member sustained injuries during the shooting, but the police chopper had some bullet holes.

The ALEO and pilot from the Johannesburg Air Wing did much more than was expected of them, and displayed exceptional bravery during the cash-in-transit robbery, which directly contributed to the apprehension of the suspect and the recovery of the vehicle, firearms, explosives and cash, and the prevention of the loss of any innocent lives.

A job well done to the members who displayed patriotic and selfless service with commitment, courage, integrity and honour in the execution to their call of duty with zeal and diligence.

As members who are bestowed with the powers to ensure the safety of all, continue to play your valued roles to turn South Africa into a crime-free environment which is conducive for economic and social stability in support of a better life for all.

Yindaba yakho nawe - it is also your responsibility to fight crime.
On a journey to a safer South Africa