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News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents | National SA News | Menzi Solomon Shange

7 Apr 2018, South Africa: If you're a South African citizen you need to read this. Those who do read it, would automatically share it. Come South Africa! All Rights Reserved - © 2018, Menzi Solomon Shange

"Mzansi, Time to Look In The Mirror'

I hear my brothers complain about how the rest of the world has oppressed our people, our history, our culture, and magically always seem to control our behaviour, lifestyle-choices, etc.

It's time to break free from this mental enslavement:

We are the reason we have never better documented our ancestral history.

We are the reason we did not develop the ability to create & save written records of our people, or didn't appreciate the relevance of the written word at a time when many societies did.

We are the reason we let other thriving cultures influence and dominate us.

We are the reason we have not built our own self-sustaining African-centric economy, our own factories, industrial complexes, and mega cities, when many others would have by now.

We are the reason we can't grow our own food proficiently, and master advanced agricultural & irrigation techniques, so that we may feed ourselves.

We are the reason we can't adequately educate ourselves, we allow our schools to deteriorate while school administrators drive Mercedes and make a living on ensuring we keep the bar low for our future generation. Our ability to compete in an ever-competitive world as a result has waned.

We are the reason we continue to let arrogance, laziness & criminal behaviour permeate our government institutions, our ability to enforce the constitution, enforce the law and maintain discipline is questionable.

We are the reason we allow tribal-despots, ignorance and empty heads to waste our time in politics and desecrate our beloved land.

We are the reason we have let the ANC become rotten to the core - to where now the stench is intolerable & offensive - and we are now considered to be the 'court jesters' of Africa for our inability to be accountable to ourselves.

We are the reason we are regarded as a joke by world cultures - due to our ineptness, irresponsibility and inability to implement the values we hold high - black consciousness, Ubuntu and Pan Africanism concepts. We throw them away - We are all talk.

We are the reason millions pray for our morality - for allowing the crime, rape, and HIV to run rampant, exposing the depravity in our black leadership - they embarrass us by constantly blaming others to deflect from the glaringly obvious issues.

We are the reason we continue to elect leaders who are not good stewards of our country and our people.

We were the reason we are weak and allow our resources to be scavenged by government officials who sponsor deals that leave our people unemployed, underpayed, while they capitalise on the suffering of the underclass..whilst the ANC Elite laugh and sip their cocktails.

We are the reason we are weak and have allowed the new dark forces to take hold, along with the throng of BRICS countries in queue behind them with their bribe money in hand, ready to indebt us for the next century ... they all laugh at us behind our backs as our leaders sell their souls while pumping their fists in self-serving victory...Mother Africa weeps.

We are the reason we can't unite fully as South Africans, and allow our government to divide us with class-envy, racial rhetoric, and stupid songs.

We are the reason we always talk about our suffering, but never really do anything about it, and actually seem to revel in victimhood and perpetuate it.

We are the reason we are weak and divided, and allow this to happen.

We are the reason we flounder as black people and continue to be mentally unable to rise to the challenge..always blaming others...never looking within.

Look in the mirror black South Africa, resolve yourself to take action, it is squarely our responsibility now, no more excuses, fix it or become a footnote in the history books.

For those who are surprised that I can string two words together, and that I can speak the truth - you will quickly say that I write like a 'white man' - I am sad for you, and that uneducated attitude is part of what deeply ails our country. Stop it! Look at the words, understand them, and we will all be able to heal together as a nation!

Menzi Solomon Shange
All Rights Reserved - © 2018


[Mr. Shange believes that counter to logic, the ANC are destroying our country's infrastructure, stealing our resources, and in the process, weakening our sense of unity as a people, and as a country. We have much work ahead of us to unite & rebuild, and fight to reclaim our dignity from the impundulu. The impundulu bird is the witch's servant, and has taken the form of our current political leaders in the African national Congress (ANC). The government is self-serving in their unrelenting quest for power, and have perpetuated the suffering of our people - and amplified the daily hell lived by the underprivileged, the poor, the helpless, the hungry and the neglected... ]

Respect yourself, respect others, let's keep these comments respectfully.