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What is sexting?

Sexting is the act of sending a picture/photograph or yourself naked or semi-naked by using electronic means. It also involves sending flirtatious or sexual messages to others, often using acronyms and abbreviations.

What are the dangers of sexting?

  • Loss of control: Once an image, message or video has been shared, the sender has lost all control of where or how it will be distributed.
  • Humiliation: The humiliation caused by having explicit content circulated, can be devastating. In some tragic cases the level of despair and shame has led people to serious self-harm and even suicide.
  • “Sextortion”: A combination of the words “sex” and “extortion”. Extortionists and blackmailers have always leveraged their knowledge of other’s indiscretions, or their possession of compromising images and communications. There is no shortage of “sextortionists” hoping to leverage their victim’s sexual content for their own financial or sexual, benefit.
  • Legal consequences: Sexually explicit photographs, videos and communications, even when sent between minors under the age of 18, may be classified as child pornography, and the taker of the image, the recipient of the image, and anyone who shares the content may be charged and found guilty of crimes.
  • Social consequences: These can include humiliation, bullying and cyberbullying.
  • Physical consequences: Sexual content can increase the likelihood of becoming a victim of physical abuse. These images can end up on the Internet and in the hands of paedophiles.

What can I do to protect my child?

Typically, sexting takes place in private and is therefore difficult to prevent, but there are some safety tips to help you deal with the situation:

  • Knowledge is power. Be informed of the latest cell phones and how they function.
  • Even if you respect your child’s privacy, there must be rules. Insist on knowing your child's passwords and talk to them about ways to protect them.
  • Talk to your mobile phone operator about filtering software to block inappropriate content and websites.
  • Learn the common acronyms children use online and in text messages. See the list of common acronyms below.
  • become involved. Your involvement in your child's life, including his or her online life, is the best insurance you can have for your child's safety.
  • Talk to your child about the dangers of sexting. Let them know that it is possible to meet predators who can take advantage of them.

Sexting acronyms:

Sexting or flirtatious messages are common in text messaging and teens often use acronyms to hide what they are saying from parents. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used acronyms:

Warning / Please Note: These terms are of a sexual nature

Text Code Meaning
8 Oral Sex
143 I Love You
cu46 See You For Sex
DUM Do You Masturbate?
GNOC Get Naked On Cam
GYPO Get Your Pants Off
GNRN Get Naked Right Now
IWS I Want Sex
RUH Are You Horny?
TDTM Talk Dirty To Me
S2R Send To Receive
NIFOC Naked In Front Of Computer
SorG Straight Or Gay?
JO Jerk Off
PAW Parents Are Watching
PIR Parent In Room
POS Parent Over Shoulder
YWS You Want Sex
WYCM Will You Call Me?
(L)MIRL (Let us) meet in real life
MOS Mom Over Shoulder
P911 Parent emergency
FYEO For Your Eyes Only
MPICIMFP my penis is caught in my flip phone
397# I weigh 397 pounds
CMPNSOR check out my profile on the National Sex Offenders Registry
3N I have a third nipple
Tubesteak tubesteak
IICDTINLH if I could do that I’d never leave the house
EP18M eligible for parole in 18 months
AFHT awaiting final hormone treatments
PD/G/TC parents drugged/gagged/tied up in closet
666 I am satan’s spawn
NTAW/M I’ve never touched a woman/man
TCP3 I’ve been on To Catch a Predator three times
HSGC high school guidance counselor
AMAMCF ask me about my cheese fetish
SC still chafing
GERE I have a thing for gerbils
NEED8 If it’s not at least 8″, don’t bother texting me back
EAT-U I am a cannibal
PIB-STV phone in butt – set to vibrate
HPIMPNSIM I have a popsicle in my pants. No, seriously — it’s melting
HWHGFSL Hit wrong hole; girlfriend still limping
BALL911 Call 911, sliced balls badly while shaving
DANZA I just had sex with Tony Danza
BJ2NITE I find the study of early American history utterly fascinating, don’t you?
HWH? Herpes? What herpes?

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