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5 Mar 2018, Cape Town:

Enterprise Foods was alerted today (midday) about the need to recall identified Enterprise products.

Sunday, 04 March 2018 3:47 PM
We are all extremely concerned by Listeriosis – we all want to find the source or sources of Listeriosis, together with government. As a company that prioritises the health and safety of consumers above all else, we are committed to ensuring that all Enterprise products, as identified, will be recalled as part of the directive received. We are working very closely with the officials at present to conduct the process and will provide updates to the public on this matter.

The company proactively amplified its testing for Listeria and can confirm that we had found a low detection of a strain of listeria in some products on 14 February but the presence of the ST6 strain has not been confirmed by our tests. The company has furthermore sent its samples to an external laboratory to test for the strain itself and should receive the results tomorrow.

We have been actively engaging the Department of Health and the NICD on our findings and have openly collaborated with the DoH and the NICD on these findings and the actions taken to date to actively address our findings. We await confirmation of the strain testing to confirm the strain. In the meantime, we reaffirm our commitment to recall the identified Enterprise products as soon as possible.

Enterprise will undertake a national recall of its Enterprise ready-to-eat meat product range

Sunday, 04 March 2018 4:42 PM
“Food safety remains the highest priority at Tiger Brands – where we always place consumers’ health and safety above all else. Therefore, we can confirm that we have, with immediate effect, undertaken a full national recall of the affected Enterprise ready-to-eat meat product range,” says Lawrence Mac Dougall, Chief Executive Officer at Tiger Brands.

“We are being extra vigilant and cautious as consumer safety remains our highest priority and therefore immediate action is being taken. Additionally, we have suspended operations at both Enterprise manufacturing facilities (Polokwane and Germiston) and have halted supply to trade.”

The company is working closely with the authorities to conduct a recall. After consultation with the National Consumer Commission, a full communication plan – including print, radio and online communication – will be rolled out at the soonest possible time, to help us reach consumers who have Enterprise products in their home.

We have contacted all our customers to confirm that the recalled products are removed from store shelves.

“We acknowledge that we are dealing with an extremely serious issue that pertains to people’s personal health and wellbeing and want to provide the assurance to all South Africans that we are dealing with this matter with the utmost urgency. We will be setting up a consumer helpline to specifically assist anyone requiring more information around this recall.”

“Since the confirmed outbreak of Listeriosis by the DoH in December 2017, we have amplified our testing for Listeria of both raw materials and finished goods and have also introduced additional hygiene monitoring of our processes, equipment, storage and waste areas at our facilities,” said Mac Dougall.

Tiger Brands will communicate as any new information becomes available and will work very closely with the officials to conduct this national recall.

*As per the Minster of Health’s instructions, Tiger Brands advises consumers to remove any Enterprise ready-to-eat products from their fridges and place them in a plastic bag away from other products. We are working on a process on how to engage with consumers around the recall and will revert as soon as possible.

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