There's something about this Audi Crash that just doesn't add up! What the Media know so far...
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11 Sep 2017 : Sunday morning Reports of an Audi TT that crashed on Rivonia Road has gone viral on social media. But there is something about this Audi crash that just doesn't add up!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel that the general public has the right to know what is going on surrounding this myterious crash.

Disclaimer: This "investigation" was done purely to get to the bottom of this accident that has left a lot of unanswered questions to thoussands of people.

So, News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents have done some digging into this mysterious accident and has come up with the following:

Interesting findings:

MEDIA: First reports found online was on Twitter
NARI: We found the first report to come from this Twitter profile and Rob Beezy from @TrafficSA is mentioned in the tweet.

MEDIA: First "more detailed" reports found online was on Facebook.
NARI: We found this more detailed post on Facebook and one person and one Facebook business page were tagged into the post.

When NARI checked the 1st tagged user's profile, we noted that the person is in the Media Industry.

After checking the business page, everything seemed normal at first but when we clicked on the Audi profile picture who were stunned to learn that the profile pic wasn't uploaded by Audi, but rather by a user who's in the Video Creation / Media industry.

Audi Business Page: Profile picture screenshot & user who posted it.

MEDIA: NARI stumbled upon a tweet of Help24 where they tweeted: "No confirmation/further details, yet. Maybe someone has info?"
NARI: It's just weird because in one of the videos we investigated for clues, we found this (screenshot from video). You can watch the Video here.

MEDIA: The media report with wordings such as: "reportedly", "believed", "unconfirmed" etc...
NARI: All footage seen so far, is not the kind of accident scenes NARI is used too. There's no emergency vehicles. Only a security guard here and there and I've seen one policeman.

And then Last but not least:

MEDIA: Initial reports indicated that this Audi crash happened on Sunday morning.
NARI: All the video footage and photos NARI investigated indicates that this accident happened Sunday morning, 10 September 2017. NARI also recorded comments from social media users who claimed that they "drove past the accident".

Now, how is this possible that this Youtube user has the video footage on the 9th of September, 1 day before the accident happened?


  • Who attended to this accident?
  • Why is there NO Official accident reports made. (Don't Know and as per SAPS conversation, they don't have any report)
  • Could this be another Media Campaign? (SOLVED, some people at least had thoughts of an Advertising Campaign)
  • Is the lady dead or alive? (SOLVED, She's Alive!)
  • Why is there no emergency vehicles? (SOLVED)
  • How could the Youtube user recorded this accident on the 9th if it only happened on the 10th of September? (MYSTERY)
  • Who does the Audi belong? (SOLVED, The Woman who didn't die)
  • It will stay a Mystery how the Youtuber managed to publish this footage on the 9th of September if the accident only happened on the 10th...



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