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Stellenbosch: Security Guard Killed In Shooting Incident

ER24 Paramedics | Western Cape | NARI
6 Dec 2018, Stellenbosch, Western Cape:

A male security guard, believed to be in his 50s, sustained fatal injuries following a shooting incident in Linton road in Stellenbosch yesterday afternoon.

When ER24 Paramedics arrived at the scene shortly after 16H00, they found the fire brigade already in attendance and performing CPR on a man lying in the road. Upon further assessment, paramedics found that the man had sustained gunshot wounds to his body and was found to be in a

critical condition. ER24 Paramedics continued with the CPR. Unfortunately, the man succumbed to his injuries a short while later and was declared dead at the scene.

The exact circumstances surrounding the incident were not known to our paramedics, but police were on the scene for further investigations.