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9 Aug 2018, Lichtenburg / Ottosdal, North West:

Farm Attack 1:

A farm attack took place on the farm Renosterdoorns between Ottosdal and Lichtenburg on Wenesday, 8 August 2018, at about 20h30. The farm is about 5 km past Rooi Jantjiesfontein.

The attackers broke into the home of Piet Venter who was alerted by the noise, Piet confronted the armed attackers in the passage and a shootout ensued.

Piet shot one of the attackers dead, the attacker was wearing a balaclava and was armed with a pistol. Piet and his wife were not injured in the attack.

The other attackers fled the scene. There is no other information available at this stage.

Farm Attack 2 - Honingnestkrans, Gauteng (Tuesday, 7 Aug 2018):

Two farm workers were assaulted and one female worker raped on a farm in Honingnestkrans, Gauteng. According to the farm owner, Wayne Alberts, the suspects gained entry to the farm by cutting an opening in the fence.

The attack happened at about 02h00. One of the robbers had a gun, but according to Alberts the workers were assaulted with hammers and bolt cutters.

One of the men was assaulted very badly and he was forced to watch how the woman was raped. The attackers constantly requested information wanted to know where "the people of the house" keep the keys of the safes. The workers received counseling on Wednesday.

Farm Attack 3 - Sanddrift, Brits, North West (Tuesday, 7 Aug 2018):

Gerhard Badenhorst, 77, and his wife, Beatrice, 76, were attacked by a robber in their house at about 02h00. The robber was armed with a knife and demanded the keys to the safe.

Badenhorst had his firearm with him, but the robber managed to take it from and shot Badenhorst. The attacker fled with 3 cellphones as well as personal documents belonging to the Badenhorst couple. Badenhorst was admitted to a local hospital for treatment. A R10 000 Reward is offered for information that may lead to the arrest of the attacker.

Farm Attack 4 - Uitkyk, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga (Wednesday, 8 Aug 2018):

A 45-year-old male victim's face was hacked with a blunt object. He was alone at the time of the attack. The very seriously injured victim was found by his wife when she returned home. Approximately 2 / 3 suspects fled the scene with the victim's wallet.

Farm Attack 5 - Vastfontein, Gauteng (Wednesday, 8 Aug 2018):

Second attack in the area in 48 hours. Two workers were shot & wounded by 4 attackers, armed with a 9mm pistol. Dogs shot dead on neighboring premises before attack.