Posted on: 18/02/2017

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“The motorist hit the biker attempting to evade the traffic delay.”

19 February 2017, LATEST UPDATE: A motorist who allegedly fled after knocking down a biker has apparently been apprehended at the weekend. Two bikers were killed, with five injured on the N1 south near Nasrec on Saturday.

Warlocks Bikers’ national president Andy Meintjies said the motorist who fled after hitting one of their bikers was in police custody.

“We have his name and know that he was arrested yesterday evening but cannot disclose any further information.”

He said the motorist had moved from the right hand lane across to the yellow line in an attempt to avert a prior accident on the N1 south when he hit one of their bikers carrying a passenger.

“The passenger, who was a woman, was killed.” Meintjies said five bikers were in hospital after the incident. “The bikers were en route to meet other bikers for the national ride at the Johannesburg club around 12:00 when the accident occurred.”

He said a car was stationary without a triangle on the right hand lane. “A car from the right hand lane came at a speed and attempted to take evasive action to avoid the stationary car. It swerved to the left and took out four bikers.”

He said one of the bikers hit in the first accident had his mother on the back and she died in the accident. That was the first incident when the bikers crashed into each other.

Meintjies said the bikers were riding in standard formation when the first incident occurred. “Behind them [bikers], we have what we call a ‘rear guard’ who rides behind everyone to pick up or act as a guard behind the main formation.”

The motorist in a brown Audi saw the initial accident and allegedly attempted to avoid the traffic delay.

“He crossed three lanes from the far right lane into the yellow line and crashed into our rear guard rider who also had a passenger on his bike.” She also died.

The brown Audi fled the scene.

He said the bikers were awaiting an autopsy for one of the woman who died before memorial plans could be made. “We have to wait for their bodies to be released by police before we plan anything.”

Five bikers, a pregnant female biker and four males remain in a serious condition in hospital. “Seven bikes were scrapped.”

Meintjies said one of the bikers had a broken back with others suffering from cosmetic injuries. Police were still to confirm the arrest.

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